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FJ Rubber Powder Grader


FJ Rubber Powder Grader utilizes high speed air current to fluidize powder materials in sealed environment, under negative air pressure, light and heavy powders will be set apart, in this way to grade different size of rubber powders. It mainly consist: frequency conversion motor, V belt pulley, feeding pipe, bearing bracket, rotor, big impeller, small impeller, adjusting plate, disperse plate, rotary valve, etc.

Structure and Principle 

◆Automatic grading by circulating air current, no friction parts, steady operation, high efficiency and output;

◆One time grading efficiency up to 98%, PLC controlled frequency conversion motor to control the shaft speed to grade required size of rubber powder;

◆With rotary valve to keep continuous and even discharging for packing process

◆Working under sealed negative pressure, no air pollution, durable, low noise and easy installation;



Handling capacity (kg / h)

300 to 800

Spindle speed (rev / min)

300 to 1200

Finished Size (mesh)

15 to 150

Motor Power (kW)


Separation efficiency (%)


Weight (tons)



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